Art Director, UI/UX, Branding, Digital and Print Designer

Urban Outfitters: Specialty Shop

Collaborated with the UX team to develop a new and innovative way to engage with the type of user that conducts shopping through browsing and searching for inspiration on the site. We implemented a clear and concise visual index page for each category type that the user could preview before delving deeper into a particular collection or category.

Design Challenge

Improve category page experience on a mix merchandise page where we can share curated products to feature trend and messaging. This page should evoke mood, should be shoppable, differentiate from regular shopping page.


  • We set the tone of the overall category experience using a large hero on top, followed by an editorial lead with a product tile showcasing each subcategory which was previously not visible.
  • By adding the editorial lead, it allowed us to share more about the category group. (ex: Denim by Fit, sharing what to expect in each fit).


We conducted an ABC test with Men’s Denim Fit Guide (A: Regular category page with style as facet filter  B: Category page without filter, instead sectioning out each style by section header C: Specialty Shop). As a result, Specialty Shop template performed the best in terms of CTR and conversion.