Art Director, UI/UX, Branding, Digital and Print Designer

Mynd Brand Refresh

Mynd’s visual identity was established in 2016. As the company and team grew, our look, feel, and voice became inconsistent. After conducting a design audit, we simplified and refreshed our branding to create cohesion across channels while staying true to the original identity. This branding refresh has led to a 20%+ increase in conversion rates, higher employee engagement, and more inbound applicants.

Design Challenge

How can we elevate the branding while maintaining core brand elements and gaining trust in real estate investment?


  • Conduct a branding audit Refresh the brand identity while maintaining aspects of the Mynd branding
  • Define photography and illustration styles
  • Create a cohesive look and feel for all brand touchpoints
  • Redesign the site experience, emails and social touchpoints, print collateral, presentation deck, signage, uniforms, paid ads, and landing pages

Color Update

We tightened the color palette and removed gradients to create a clean and modern look. We kept green and blue as core brand colors while adjusting the shade slightly to give a sophisticated look. We introduced neon colors to add vibrancy as a tech start-up embarking on a new chapter.

Font Update

Having two san-serif fonts, Poppins and Inter, did not provide enough contrast between the fonts. While maintaining Poppins as one of our fonts, we introduced a new serif font (Taviraj) to bring more contrast and add sophistication, warmth, and humanity to our look and feel.

Homepage Update

We updated the site’s look and feel while maintaining its messaging. Our goal was to create a comfortable and trustworthy experience while elevating the site’s design and experience.

Knowledge Center (blog) Update

We enhanced the Mynd blog (Knowledge Center) experience to convey thought leadership content. Our new design includes more images and different sections to better tell stories and break up longer-form articles, providing a visual break to keep readers engaged.

Newsletter Update

We rethought the Mynd monthly newsletter design and content structure, which has led to an increase in engagement and open rates.

Social Posts Update

We created design templates to train viewers who are interested in recurring content, such as market reports, Knowledge Center articles, and investor highlights. This redesign has led to an increase in followers and engagement.


Mika Osborn – Art Direction and Design, Chelsea Majuri – Designer, Ally Basak – VP of Marketing, Luke Runnells – Email Marketing Manager, Sass Gillies – Social Media Marketing Manager, Bonnie Bossin – SEO and Strategy