Art Director, UI/UX, Branding, Digital and Print Designer

Ohii – Urban Outfitters beauty brand launch campaign

Launch campaign for Urban Outfitters new and exclusive beauty brand ohii; a fresh line of fun products meant to fill in the blanks of your beauty routine. 

Design Challenge

Our goal was to draw attention and ignite excitement within our site/app experience to promote the launch of our new products. 


  • Design strategy for the site experience, customer journey, and ecosystem.
  • Wireframe site experience, work with photo and video team to request types of content needed for the experience.
  • Work cross-functionally to create cohesive digital experience for all touchpoint which would excite customers to explore and learn about the new beauty line.

On launch day, ohii beauty did $15k in sales, which surpassed forecasts. Beauty and cosmetics experienced a +160% increase in sales that day.


Mika Osborn – Digital Experience Strategy & Design, Matt Owen – Executive Creative Director, James Mackenzie – ACD Digital Experience, Dan Kent – ACD Print & Branding, Kelly Clawson – Digital Designer, Eleni Trapp – UI/UX and Production Design, Margerita Urbani – Print Art Director, Steph Miller & Kelley Garrard – Packaging & Print Designer, Caro Ramirez – Photographer, Aj Quon & Ryan Cambage – Video