Art Director, UI/UX, Branding, Digital and Print Designer

  • Mynd Brand Refresh

    Mynd Brand Refresh

    Mynd’s visual identity was established in 2016. As the company and team grew, our look, feel, and voice became inconsistent. After conducting a design audit, we simplified and refreshed our branding to create cohesion across channels while staying true to the original identity. This branding refresh has led to a 20%+ increase in conversion rates,…

  • Urban Outfitters: Pop up event in China – Another Point of View

    Urban Outfitters: Pop up event in China – Another Point of View

    In September 2020, we reached our one year anniversary of our TMall classic launch by hosting a pop up event in Shanghai. We partnered with AMA (a collective of artists, musicians and talent) and created UO X AMA products. This event included several interactive art installations, live workshops led by various artists, and showcases of…

  • Urban Outfitters: International Sites

    Urban Outfitters: International Sites

    Urban Outfitter’s has been made it a priority to expand its global presence. Over the past few years, we have successfully launched ecommerce sites in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. The list continues to grow as more countries are being added to our roadmap. Design Challenge Our goal was…

  • Urban Outfitters: Pop Up store at Xintiandi Mall in Shanghai, China

    Urban Outfitters: Pop Up store at Xintiandi Mall in Shanghai, China

    Design ChallengeThis was our first pop up we were doing in a busy public space. As Urban Outfitters was not as established in China, how can we stand out in a busy space, gain brand awareness and attract customers. Responsibilities Team Mika Osborn – Art Director, James Mackenzie – Creative Director, Miranda Leung – Designer

  • Urban Outfitters: Seasonal Style Guide

    Urban Outfitters: Seasonal Style Guide

    We established seasonal and promotional specific style guides for our social and digital marketing agencies to promote speed, efficiency, and brand alignment. Design Challenge Our goal was to find a way to keep our international partners in sync with UO’s style guidelines. These guidelines are often fluid and rapidly evolving in response to market trends.…

  • UO China: Pop Up Event – How Do You Dress Up?

    UO China: Pop Up Event – How Do You Dress Up?

    In an effort to increase brand awareness in China beyond the traditional digital channels, we held an offline event focused on dresses we carry. We named the campaign “How Do You Dress Up?”, and held the event at a cocktail and record bar in Shanghai. Design Challenge Our goal was to raise the interest and…

  • Ohii – Urban Outfitters beauty brand launch campaign

    Ohii – Urban Outfitters beauty brand launch campaign

    Launch campaign for Urban Outfitters new and exclusive beauty brand ohii; a fresh line of fun products meant to fill in the blanks of your beauty routine.  Design Challenge Our goal was to draw attention and ignite excitement within our site/app experience to promote the launch of our new products.  Responsibility On launch day, ohii…

  • Freelance Logo Projects

    Freelance Logo Projects

    Small selection of logos I have designed for a diverse range of clients, such as restaurants, non-profit organizations, real estate developers, and small business owners. Each logo was carefully crafted to capture the essence of their brand and reflect their unique identity. Through my designs, I have helped my clients establish a strong visual presence…

  • Urban Outfitters: Responsive Site

    Urban Outfitters: Responsive Site

    This project was Urban Outfitters’ first responsive site design. Collaborated closely with UX and Dev teams to ensure a successful site launch within the technical requirements and brand creative. Design Challenge When we started on this project, Urban Outfitters was in the process of rebranding itself by elevating the quality of products and its aesthetics…

  • Urban Outfitters: Lookbook

    Urban Outfitters: Lookbook

    This was a design initiated project to create a more inspirational lookbook and editorial experience compared to the image carousel banner above the category page. Conceived and designed this lookbook template. The goal of this project was to transform the previous carousel style lookbook into an updated, more editorial style that included a new shoppable…

  • Urban Outfitters: Specialty Shop

    Urban Outfitters: Specialty Shop

    Collaborated with the UX team to develop a new and innovative way to engage with the type of user that conducts shopping through browsing and searching for inspiration on the site. We implemented a clear and concise visual index page for each category type that the user could preview before delving deeper into a particular…

  • Urban Outfitters: App

    Urban Outfitters: App

    Assisted and led in the art direction for the Urban Outfitters’ App design and experience. In addition to the shopping experience, the App includes features such as a reward program, wish list, shoppable Instagram photos, playlists, and an image search feature that allows the customer to upload a photo to find similar products that Urban…

  • Urban Outfitters: Tee Design

    Urban Outfitters: Tee Design

    The goal of the project was to design graphic tee’s for UO’s Without Walls brand, that were inspired by nature yet followed trending styles and design. The designs ranked within the top 10 selling graphic tees for several consecutive months.

  • Urban Outfitters: UO Spaces Site

    Urban Outfitters: UO Spaces Site

    UO Spaces is a is a landing page for all three of the Urban Outfitters’ large concept stores – LA, Williamsburg, and Austin. The project was to design a homepage and a template that could be curated by each Space manager to communicate about events, blogs, or general updates regarding the space. Each template included…

  • Anthropologie: Let’s Pin!

    Anthropologie: Let’s Pin!

    This is an animated email I conceived and designed, to promote the Anthropologie Pinterest account. It was recognized as one of the Top 3 designs among the 50 of the Best Email Marketing Designs We’ve Ever Seen by Canva Design School.  

  • Anthropologie: Email

    Anthropologie: Email

    A selection of emails I have designed for Anthropologie. In addition to the digital art and copy provided, in some designs I incorporated handwritten or hand painted accents to further showcase the brand aesthetics.

  • Anthropologie: New Year’s Eve Lookbook

    Anthropologie: New Year’s Eve Lookbook

    Concepted and designed this Anthropologie Blog story which showcased several outfits for New Year’s Eve. This interactive lookbook was shopable and the + mark indicates which item is available for sale. Illustration by Danielle Kroll  

  • AIGA poster

    AIGA poster

    This poster was designed for the AIGA Philadelphia lecture series. The design was to promote the speaker Khoi Vinh, who is the Design Director for the and the author of Also was chosen to be part of AIGA Philadelphia Show “Gritty Semiotics: a history of design in Philadelphia”.